New Year, New Photo's - updated to 31 December 2013

I'm going to put on here all the photo's I take over this year.

Please feel free to comment.

Blue Tit taken on 16 January.

 Thrush taken on 16 January.

Coal Tit taken on 16 January.

Goldfinch taken on 19 January.
Pied Wagtail taken on 19 January.

House Sparrow taken on 19 January.

Crocus - 4 March 2013


 Blueberry (in bud. I only started growing this last March so I'm very proud that through all the bad weather we've had over the last year it's come through fighting.)

my flower garden 16 May 2013

my garden

                       new life on my spruce tree

fern in bud

Cornflower taken in July

Teasel taken in July

Fuchsia taken in August

Globe Thistle taken in August

Sunflower taken in September

Passion Flower taken in October

Fieldfare taken on 31 December 

Fieldfare taken on 31 December

Fieldfare taken on 31 December