Sunday, 20 January 2013

My 2nd Great Grandparents (my dad’s side)

John Lowe
Mary Sophia (nee Cowley)

John was born in 1832 at Foleshill, Coventry, Warwickshire, England; he was baptised on 25 August 1832. He married Mary Sophia on 31 March 1850 at Foleshill, Coventry. On 7 April 1861 John’s occupation was Silk Weaver. On 2 April 1871 & 3 April 1881 John’s occupation was Baker and Grocer. On 5 April 1891 John lived at Cromwell Street, Holy Trinity, Coventry; John’s occupation was Baker (Master, Employer). John died in 1909 at Coventry, Warwickshire. He was 77 years old.

Mary Sophia was born in 1829 at Foleshill, Coventry, Warwickshire, England. She married John Lowe on 31 March 1850 at Foleshill, Coventry. On 7 April 1861, 2 April 1871 & 3 April 1881 they lived at Cromwell Street, St Michael, Coventry, Warwickshire. Mary Sophia’s occupation on 7 April 1861 was a Silk Weaver. Mary Sophia died in 1890; she was 61 years old.

John and Mary Sophia had 9 children –
Mary J                born  1853 Foleshill
Hannah M           born 1858 Foleshill
Benjamin J         born 1861 Foleshill
Walter John         born 1867 Foleshill
William Arthur     born 1869 Foleshill
Sarah Ann           born  1871 Foleshill
Laura Ann           born 1871 Foleshill
Amy                    born 1889 Foleshill

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