Saturday, 1 December 2012

Great Grandparents

My Great Grandparents –
Elijah Staniforth
Henrietta (nee Bradley)

Elijah Staniforth was born on 4th October 1864 at Whittles Gard, Drummond Street, Leicester, England, he married Henritta Ellen (nee Bradley) on the 26th September 1887 at The Registry Office, Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, England. On the 5th April 1891 his occupation was a Brick Yard Fireman at Sileby Brick Yard, on the 31st March 1901 and also on the 3 Apr 1911 his occupation was a Brick burner. Elijah died on the 7th June 1921, he is buried with two of his daughters Minnie Matilda and Mary Hannah. They are buried in grave plot C60 in Sileby Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Sileby, Leicestershire, England.

Henrietta Ellen (nee Bradley) was born in March 1868 at Sileby, Leicestershire, England. On the 2 April 1871 she lived with her family at 38 Barrow Road, Sileby and she was a scholar. On the 29th November 1874 she lived with her family in Church Lane, Sileby; on 3 April 1881 she lived with her family in Back Lane, Sileby. After she got married to Elijah Staniforth, they lived at 78 Cossington End, Sileby, on 31 March 1901 and also on 3 Apr 1911 they lived at 39 Cemetery Road, Sileby. Henrietta died on the 9th February 1951 in Leicestershire, England, she is buried with her daughter Clara. They are buried in grave plot C417nc in Sileby Cemetery.

Elijah and Henrietta Ellen had 8 children
Mary Hannah          born March 1888 Sileby            died 26 Oct 1905 Leicestershire
Isabella Dora           born June 1889 Sileby               died 21 March 1933 Leicester
Collin                        born 8 December 1890 Sileby       died 26 March 1974 Cossington
Minnie Matilda      born December 1892 Sileby          died 22 May 1894 Sileby
James                      born March 1895 Sileby             died 24 May 1917 France
Clara                        born March 1898 Sileby            died 21 March 1967 Leicestershire
Gertrude                 born March 1900 Sileby            died 18 June 1931 Leicestershire
Hetty Matilda         born December 1902                died 17 July 1978 Barrow upon Soar

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