Tuesday, 25 December 2012

my Uncle Doug

Douglas Staniforth
(aka Tommy)

Douglas should have been named Thomas Elijah Fairbanks Staniforth but because my grandpa (Colin) and a friend of his Mr Buxton got a bit tiddly before registering the baby they named him Douglas because they knew it had something to do with the actor Douglas Fairbanks; Douglas grew up with his mam and others calling him Tommy.

Below is a picture of the Staniforth family minus one - Sonia Kathleen was away being a nurse.

on the left as you look at it - Kathleen (nee Betts), Colin, Juanita Gertrude,  Betty Marina, Gordon Barry, Enid Hidebrand, (behind Enid) James Colin, Olive Mary, Douglas.

All information was from my mam (Olive Mary nee Staniforth)