Saturday, 29 December 2012

My 2nd Great Grandparents

William Widdowson
Elizabeth (nee Simons)

William was born in 1828 at Sileby, Leicestershire, England. On 7 June 1841 William lived with his parents at Brook Street, Sileby. On 30 March 1851 William lived at Charlton, Nottinghamshire, England and his occupation was Shopman. William married Elizabeth (nee Simons) in 1852 in the district of Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England. On 7 April 1861 William was a Framework Knitter. William died in 1880 and was buried on 5 June 1880 at St Mary, Sileby, Leicestershire, England. William was aged 52.

Elizabeth was born in 1823 at Sileby, Leicestershire, England. She was baptised on 19 October 1823 at St Mary Church, Sileby, Leicestershire, England. Elizabeth married William in 1852. On 7 April 1861 they lived at 48 Banks, Sileby, Leicestershire; her occupation was Seamstress. On 2 April 1871 & 3 April 1881 they lived at 19 Barrow Road, Sileby, Leicestershire; her occupation on 3 April 1881 was Seamer (Hos). On 5 April 1891 Elizabeth lived with her daughter Mary Ann at King Street, Sileby, Leicestershire; her occupation was Assistant Dairy Maid. Elizabeth died on 26 April 1900 at Sileby, Leicestershire; she is buried in grave plot B121 at Sileby Cemetery, Sileby, Leicestershire, England. Elizabeth was aged 77.

William and Elizabeth had 7 children:
Their names are –

John                born 1851 Sileby
Mary Ann        born 1855 Sileby
Rueben           born 1857 Sileby        died 3 April 1918 Leicestershire
Betsy              born 1859 Sileby        died 19 December 1935 Leicestershire
Joseph            born 1862 Sileby        died 21 September 1945 Leicestershire
Elizabeth         born 1866 Sileby
Emma             born 1867 Sileby

All information was found on, National Burial Index for England & Wales (Third Edition) cd, Sileby Cemetery Alphabetical Listing of Deceased (pdf) – which I found on the internet in 2008.