Friday, 7 December 2012

Great Grandparents

My Great Grandparents
Thomas Morris
Sophia Ann (nee Lowe)

Thomas Morris was born in 1859 at Foleshill, Warwickshire, England, he was christened on 24th April 1859 at Saint Paul, Foleshill. On the 7th April 1861 he lived with his mother at Narrow Lane, Foleshill and on the 6th January 1881 he was imprisoned for 3 months for ‘Breaking and entering a Dwelling house and stealing therein’, on the 3rd April 1881 he was at Her Majesty’s Prison Warwick and his occupation was a Silk Weaver. In 1884 he married Sophia Ann (nee Lowe) on 31st March 1901 his occupation was a Silk Weaver but on the 3rd April 1911 his occupation was a Silk Ribbon Weaver. This is the last date I have for Thomas.

Sophia Ann was born in 1863 at Foleshill, Warwickshire, England. On 2nd April 1871 she was living with her family at Cromwell Street, St Michael, Warwickshire, her occupation was a Scholar. On 3rd April 1881 she lived with her family at Grocers Shop, Cromwell Street, Coventry St Michael. After her marriage to Thomas Morris they lived on 5th April 1891 at Somerby Row, Radford, Warwickshire, on the 31st March 1901 they lived at 21 Welford Hill, Coventry and he occupation was a Silk Weaver, on the 3 April 1911 they lived at 21 Welford Place, Coventry. In 1916 Sophia Ann was still living at 21 Welford Place. This is the last date I have for her.

Thomas and Sophia Ann had 8 children
Mary Emily              born 1885 Foleshill                died 1901 Coventry
Harriett May            born 1887 Foleshill                 died 1961 Coventry
Thomas William      born 1889 Foleshill
Daisy Maud            born 1891 Foleshill                  died 1936 Coventry
Elsie Ann                born 1894 Foleshill                  died 11 November 1939 Coventry
Albert Edward        born 1896 Foleshill                  died 1918 Coventry
Lilly Sophia            born 1900 Foleshill
Arthur Ernest         born 1904 Foleshill

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